First appearance: THE GRAVEYARD GANG Issue 4 – ‘The Thing in the Well’

The Thing in the Well is a creature pulled into our world from a different dimension.

Thomas Carr used a spellbook and an amulet to bring the Thing to our reality and kept it hidden in his cabin. It grew as Carr fed it, the Thing preferring raw meat. The Thing grew too large for Carr to control and it burst out of the cabin. Carr and his spellbook were mysteriously taken but not before he hid his diary and amulet.

The Thing fled, shunning the sunlight which burned it, finally finding safety in an old well. With lack of food, it went dormant until Piccolo woke it up and began to feed it.

Lope and Marcie followed Piccolo and discovered his new ‘pet.’ They soon stumbled upon Carr’s diary and amulet which helped them stop the Thing before it could leave the well. It is unclear if the kids destroyed the Thing or sent it back to its dimension.

The Thing, being from another dimension, is a totally alien creature. It has tentacles covered in eyes along with insect-like limbs. It is unclear if it could have been stopped by conventional means if it escaped the well.

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