Ghosts of the Atalanta

First appearance: THE GRAVEYARD GANG Issue 2 – ‘The Return of the Atalanta’

The training ship, ‘Atalanta’ was lost at sea in 1880 with 300 young naval cadets.

Through the years, an occasional message in a bottle from one of the doomed crew would wash up on shore. But for decades this ghost ship wandered the seas longing for a chance to, ‘come home.’

The ghostly cadets finally had a chance at peace when hundreds of their messages in bottles reached the shore of Ghostport, Massachusetts. The weak veil between the spirit world and this special seaside town seemed the phantoms only hope. But they were prevented from coming to port because of the magic power of the light from the Squallus Lighthouse, which keeps all ghost ships from approaching Ghostport. With the help of the Graveyard Gang and the master of the lighthouse, Captain Squallus, the young ghosts were finally able to reach land and move on, ending their years at sea.

The spirits had all the usual ghostly abilities (floating, transparent, intangible, etc.). Thankfully they were only interested in their quest to end their time trapped on the ghost ship, so whether they could have been dangerous was never put to the test.

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