KrampusFirst appearance: THE GRAVEYARD GANG Issue 3 – ‘A Pain in the Krampus!!’

Krampus is an immortal creature who punishes all the bad children on Santa Claus’s ‘Naughty List.’ He is a fearsome looking monster with his black fur-covered body, horns, cloven hoof, and long, slobbering tongue. Where Krampus came from and how he came to serve Claus is a story that has yet to be told.

The symbol of his servitude is his golden shackles. These bonds contain powerful magic which he uses to carry out his mission. Krampus is very strong and can be ferocious when angered. He uses his magic to traverse the globe in search of his current prey.

But while Krampus has immense power he is bound to never use it when he disciplines the children. Instead he gives them a swatting on their bottoms using the bundle of branches he always carries. Krampus hunts and always finds his current victim to deliver his punishment so it was an uncommon event that Buster Bonetti managed to escape his swatting. But knowing Buster, it won’t take long for him to run into Krampus again.

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